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& Labrador

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Newfoundland and Labrador is the perfect destination for people open to new experiences, like getting eye to eye with a humpback whale as icebergs drift by and the sky fills with millions of seabirds. Visit the four UNESCO world heritage sites in the province, and many historical attractions, from First Nations sites to community museums and explorations of rich heritage and culture.   There’s enough coastline wrapped around Newfoundland & Labrador to stretch across Canada four times over. So whether you take a hike along ancient footpaths, pack a picnic and watch for whales, or head out to sea to hunt for icebergs, you’ll find it all comes standard with a great ocean view.




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Tonight they’ll jiggle in their seats laughing at the foolish antics of local comedians and be whirled onto the dance floor for a final flourish before finally resting their feet. For tomorrow is another day, and the road leads on to more adventures, more laughter, and new friends just waiting to be met. 


In this place, every day is timeless, and there’s no need to catch up. We’re already there.

Before the summer sun rises each morning over the rugged eastern shore of Newfoundland and Labrador, the puffins are stirring in their cliff-side burrows on tiny offshore islands. Like yesterday and tomorrow, the parents will dive today among the whales, seeking food for their growing chicks. On shore, fishermen and other early risers are making tea and gauging the weather. Later on, tour boats will head for the islands as the whales breach and the puffins fly, haltingly, because they are better swimmers than fliers.

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Further north, the scene is repeated, with one important addition: icebergs. They drift south on the cold Labrador Current until they break apart, often spectacularly, and melt in the warmer waters around Newfoundland. Today hikers are filming a collapsing berg, the roaring and foaming going on for 15 minutes as a million pieces of Greenland ice spread quickly over the sea. As soon as they reach their B & B, they’ll post the video to YouTube.

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& Cities


Imagine a restored Viking settlement over 1,000 years old, perched near the crashing waves of the North Atlantic. Or a lovely fishing village full of wharves and boats overlooking Iceberg Alley. A rocky cliff nested by thousands of seabirds, creating a mass of movement and sound. Not to mention the oldest city in North America, where historic and culture intricately meld.

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