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Vancouver Island

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Wander amidst rugged beaches and remote coastal communities

With vibrant emerald rainforests, formidable mountain ranges, and an ocean coastline that ranges from sandy beach to rugged walls of stone, Vancouver Island’s natural riches and resources have been attracting visitors for centuries. A more modern cultural environment has brought a new wave of explorers in search of inventive locally-sourced cuisine, rich First Nations cultures, and intriguing artwork.

Yes, Vancouver Island has increasingly become a globally recognized and desired destination, and the ways in which we explore it demand a more vigorous approach to keeping the island’s resources sustainable, for both the people who visit and for those who call it home.

Located on Canada’s West Coast, Vancouver Island is known for its mild climate, abundance, and relaxed way of life. Spanning nearly 500 km from tip to tip, this region is defined by its ancient rainforests, rugged coastlines, and cool waters of the Pacific Ocean. From the provincial capital of Victoria to the far-reaching beaches of Cape Scott Provincial Park there are endless opportunities for outdoor recreation and peaceful getaways.

Beyond the main Island lies several small islands, including the Gulf Islands and Discovery Islands, are found between the Salish Sea and Discovery Passage, respectively. A quick ferry ride to any of these nearby oases reveals yet another layer of tranquillity, culture, and adventure unique to the Vancouver Island Region.

Discover an ocean-carved land of extremes ranging from mild to wild, cultured to life-affirmingly raw. Backpack in majestic wilderness parks or Gaze at distant snow capped mountains while splashing barefoot along softly curving beaches. Marvel at orcas, black bears and an abundance of furred, feathered and finned wildlife. Relax, restore and recharge yourself in the region’s cosmopolitan centres, small towns and snug harbours.

Come get lost with us on Vancouver Island.

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