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Western Canada

Western Canada Itineraries

Western Canada offers a huge variety of itinerary options.  We feature below a selection of popular routes with suggested stops.  You can either use these tours as featured or tailor them to your own requirements.  Call us for a quote on 01372 372123.

Western Canada Rocky Mountain Experience

Departing from Vancouver for 16 nights


From the azure coastline of Vancouver to the quiet riding trails delving through the pleasant valleys and passes of the Rocky Mountains, this British Columbia and Alberta adventure will showcase a stunning variation of landscapes, climates and cultures. Travelling up the scenic Sea-to-Sky highway to Whistler marks the beginning of the journey inland to the high valley ranchlands of Ashcroft and a leisurely two days of horseback riding (Lodge/Ranch category only). Crossing the provincial border to Alberta, the natural wonders of Jasper and Banff national parks are revealed. Taking the less travelled southern highways, experience the quiet majesty of Waterton Lakes National Park featuring high alpine rivers and lakes surrounded by lush carpets of wildflowers on mountain slopes. The road winds back through the passes and valleys of the Rocky Mountains and their characteristic communities before descending down to the sparkling lights of Vancouver. This package can also be booked with a lodges and ranches accommodation option.

Discover the fascinating landscapes and cultures on this 12 or 19 night itinerary that will take you through the backroads and off-the-beaten track to uncover the scenic treasures of Canada’s west coast and western interior. From the urban splendour of Vancouver, the trail leads to the picturesque tranquility of British Columbia’s and Alberta’s national parks. You will experience firsthand the brilliant turquoise lakes and the rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Returning to the Pacific Coast via Whistler your adventure either comes to an end with a return to Vancouver, or you continue on to visit Victoria with its maritime heritage and colonial demeanour. A wealth of activities are available throughout your trip from the thrill of rafting and canoeing to hiking and horseback riding.

The Wild West

Departing from Vancouver for 13 days


Totem Peaks

Departing from Vancouver for 14 nights


A classic route, featuring breathtaking scenery in the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. From Vancouver, travel east through the Okanagan Valley and Glacier National Park to the world-renowned resort regions of Banff and Jasper. Via Mount Robson, Wells Gray Provincial Park and the Cariboo Region, head north to the Pacific Coast and sail the spectacular Inside Passage on BC Ferries to Vancouver Island. Ahead lies charming Victoria and then a return ferry ride to Vancouver.

The West is as much a state of mind as it is a geographical destination. Travelling from the cosmopolitan excitement of Vancouver, you will journey through Canada’s lush Pacific playground, before swinging back to the mainland for an invigorating trek through authentic Gold Rush territory. Moving higher into the Rocky Mountains, you will relish the clean air, sparkling water and breathtaking scenery of Whistler, Jasper and Banff. You will thrilled by energetic mountain safari through Kootenay National Park and the fertile Okanagan Valley.

Western Spirit

Departing from Vancouver for 20 days


Whales, Bears & Vancouver Island

Departing from Vancouver for 8 nights


This programme offers lively urban centres, remote wilderness destinations, the unrivalled beauty of Vancouver Island’s scenery and fascinating aboriginal culture experiences. Arriving in the provincial capital of Victoria, you will plunge right into a whale watching journey. Travel to remote Tofino to discover the remote and untamed beauty seldom seen by people, home to grizzly bears, eagles and other quintessentially Canadian wildlife. A captivating stay at an authentic wilderness lodge provides the perfect setting for eco or wilderness tours. The final leg of your adventure takes you back to the mainland where you will explore Vancouver.

A classic route, featuring breathtaking scenery in the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. From Vancouver, travel east through the Okanagan Valley and Glacier National Park to the world-renowned resort regions of Banff and Jasper. Via Mount Robson, Wells Gray Provincial Park and the Cariboo Region, head north to the Pacific Coast and sail the spectacular Inside Passage on BC Ferries to Vancouver Island. Ahead lies charming Victoria and then a return ferry ride to Vancouver.

Mountain Country

Departing from Vancouver for 20 days


Great Parks of The West

Departing from Vancouver for 14 nights


Beautiful Vancouver is the starting point for this two-week circular tour that showcases the national parks of the Canadian Rockies. Eastbound from Vancouver, the itinerary ventures through the Okanagan Valley, Glacier National Park, and Banff and Jasper national parks. Drive west from Jasper through the Yellowhead Pass, Wells Gray Provincial Park and Garibaldi Provincial Park before returning to Vancouver.

A spectacular adventure packed with worldclass resorts and a mosaic of landscapes awaits you as you travel from the towering mountains of the Rockies to the rugged coastlines of the Pacific. From the urban cowboys of Calgary, the route heads for the Rocky Mountains and the wilderness of Banff National Park. Here, you will experience the majesty of Lake Louise. The discovery tour of Canada’s national parks continues along the scenic Icefields Parkway with a visit to Jasper. The scenic splendours of Wells Gray Provincial Park and the Thompson River are next to take centre stage before enjoying two days in the relaxing setting of Tyax Lodge & Heliskiing. After indulging in the outdoor paradise of Whistler your trail leads to the Pacific Rim National Park, on the Pacific coast of Vancouver Island. Your adventure is completed with a visit to historic Victoria and cosmopolitan Vancouver.

Unlimited Adventures

Departing from Calgary for 15 nights


Ranchland & Prairies

Departing from Calgary for 13 nights


Discover a world of fossils, cowboy culture and central Canada treasures on a unique new itinerary combining new destinations in Saskatchewan and Alberta. The communities and landscapes that dot the roads leading west to the grass and wheat fields of the country are seldom seen by larger tours and offer a distinctive perspective on the area and its history. Authentic ranches demonstrate how life on horseback was for the settlers of the 19th century, and stays in modern urban centres show the changing face of their community and philosophies. Historical re-enactments and guided tours round out an intriguing holiday experience.

Discover a new and intriguing combination of Rocky Mountain grandeur, stunning protected parklands and a lesser travelled southern route through the interior of British Columbia. The road from Calgary to Vancouver crosses 5 distinct geographies creating a complementary overview of the cultural and natural diversity of the Canadian west. The journey from Nelson to Vernon emphasizes a quieter, more intimate travel experience, boasting a variety of locations and shorter duration - ideal for first time visitors. Not be forgotten, several days in the lush winemaking region of British Columbia reveals the delicate art of creating some of North America’s most sought after vintages.

Western Parks, Peaks & Vineyards

Departing from Calgary for 10 nights


Western Explorer

Departing from Calgary for 19 nights


Experience a wide variety of quintessential western landscapes and lifestyles, unforgettable wildlife viewing and personal adventure. This comprehensive 14-day itinerary stretches from the world-famous Banff and Jasper National Parks into the interior British Columbia highlands, boasting incredible hiking trails around sparkling lakes. Continue on into the heart of the Rocky Mountains to Kleena Kleene for a stay at an authentic alpine ranch featuring hiking and horseback riding. Continuing through the Coastal Mountains to the temperate and sheltered valleys of Bella Coola, this wondrous experience comes to an end at the placid coastlands and dazzling cities of Victoria and Vancouver.

The circular route exploring the modern and ancient cultures of the Yukon provides the perfect introduction to the region for travellers who wish to explore this rugged and historic region on their own schedule. From the echoes of the Gold Rush to the new world of eco-tourism, this northern wonderland offers something different for the inquisitive traveller on a circular route from Whitehorse to Whitehorse. A day in famous Dawson City give visitors a chance to perhaps pan for gold, while the wilds of Kluane National Park entice outdoor adventures to explore seldom seen trails, lakes and forests.

In the Footsteps of Yukon Pioneers

Departing from Whitehorse for 9 nights


Northwest Adventure

Departing from Whistler for 23 nights

Northwest Adventure Screenshot.jpg

Travelling from the lush coastlines of southern British Columbia, through the Rockies, on to the northern reaches of the Yukon and back, travellers will get a comprehensive experience of the vastness and natural diversity of Canada’s immense western edge. A circular routing features unique locations and accommodations, designed for the return traveller that desires an itinerary that is off the beaten path. The vivid majesty of the southern mountains is contrasted by the stark, haunting beauty of the remote north and the winding, horizon-challenging roads that traverses it. Communities that celebrate their unique histories and locations combine with unforgettable landscapes to create a one of a kind Canadian experience.

This itinerary is ideal for travellers who have limited vacation time, but want to see as many of western Canada’s highlights as possible. In just a week, this tour itinerary takes passengers through Calgary, Banff National Park, the Canadian Rockies, Jasper National Park, along the Yellowhead Highway by Mount Robson National Park and into the BC interior. The journey then continues west via the imposing Fraser Canyon, before reaching the beautiful coastal city of Vancouver, where you will conclude your stay.

Mountain Express

Departing from Vancouver for 7 nights


Mountain Parks Discovery

Departing from Calgary for 10 nights


Starting in Calgary this circular itinerary covers less travelled routes and natural settings not found on more traditional Rockies packages. The road journeys through or near 6 major protected parklands, 4 mountain ranges and places with such epic names as Valley of A Thousand Lakes and “majestic” Elk Valley. Kootenay, Yoho and Glacier National Parks as well as Goat Range

and Valhalla Provincial Parks are the ideal environments for either sightseeing by car or day hiking as you journey west of Banff, southward through the British Columbia interior and back again. The high interior Kootenay region boasts hot springs that create local paradises and former Gold Rush towns still sing with the lively songs of prospectors from a century ago. Unique

natural hot springs at Halcyon, Crazy Creek, and Ainsworth sites offer quieter alternatives to the busy Harrison, and Banff sites and at trip on to the Columbia Icefield never fails to impress.

Experience the "Best of the West" on this magnificent journey through the world's most photographed landmarks-the national parks of the Canadian Rockies. Among the highlights are the famous tourist regions of Banff and Jasper, as well as Harrison Hot Springs. The tour concludes with a memorable stay in the scenic coastal cities of Victoria and Vancouver.

Western Wonders

Departing from Calgary for 13 nights


Rockies to Vancouver

Departing from Banff for 13 nights


Passengers will travel like a true Canadian, slowing down the pace on the welcoming porches of chalet and cabin accommodation. We have selected the most magnificent locations and unique resorts in the Rockies, highlighting the splendour of Canada’s most spectacular scenery. Whether from the rollicking bench of a white water raft, the tree-shrouded trail of an ancient forest or the comfortable seat of a touring bus winding through historic city streets, passengers seeking this authentic experience with a taste of adventure will find it all in this captivating new itinerary.



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