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British Columbia

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A selection of itinerary ideas

The easiest way to explore British Columbia’s natural beauty, small towns, and wildlife is by open road.  Cross the province west to east on a trip to the Canadian Rockies, or find adventure from south to north along Highway 97 and the Alaska Highway. There are scenic trips along the coast, roads that explore local food and drink scenes, and even opportunities to relax & unwind in mountain hot springs. And if you’re lucky, you’ll find a journey that takes you somewhere you never expected to go.

Browse this selection of example itineraries to give you an idea of how you might like to structure your visit, according to your length of stay.  Purely Canada offers a tailor made service, so we can put any route together and these examples of differing lengths act as a handy guide to what your final itinerary could include.  For further advice, please call us on 01372 372123.

Vancouver to

The Rockies

7 to 10 days, 1950.47 km (1211.97 mi)

A visit to British Columbia is not complete without a trip to the Rocky Mountains, one of Canada's most iconic and inspirational destinations.

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More 7 to 10 Day Itineraries

7-10 Days, 940 km (584.09 mi)

Mountain towns and hot springs for travellers with mobility challenges.

7 to 10 days, 1261.15 km (783.64 mi)
This is the ultimate escape to mountain grandeur, the succulent fruits of the Okanagan and endless outdoor adventure.

Exploring The Okanagan

3-5 Days, 1350 km (838.85 mi)

Experience unforgettable activities like hot springs, wineries, and cycling tours as you explore the changing landscapes of British Columbia.

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More 3 to 7 Day Itineraries

3 to 7 Days, 274 km (170.26 mi)

Find adventure and relaxation in the Canadian Rockies with this memorable, fun-packed route from Cranbrook.

3 to 7 days, 1317.69 km (818.77 mi)

This loop encompasses the entire Kootenay Rockies region. Explore UNESCO Rocky Mountain World Heritage Sites, learn about mining and railway history.

3 to 7 days, 539.97 km (335.52 mi)

Explore the incredible Selkirk Mountain Range from Oreille Valley in Washington State to pristine Kootenay Lake in British Columbia.

Golden Triangle

1 to 3 days, 314.97 km (195.71 mi)

Journey through three national parks - Banff, Kootenay, and Yoho - with amazing wilderness and wildlife viewing opportunities.

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More 3 Day Itineraries

1 to 3 days, 1083.25 km (673.1 mi)

Drive through the famous Canadian Rocky Mountains to see magnificent peaks and lush alpine forests.

1 to 3 days, 226.66 km (140.84 mi)

Travel through the Slocan Valley to discover heritage buildings and museums, hot springs with caves, and Sandon, a historic ghost town.

1 to 3 days, 445.78 km (276.99 mi)

An all-season playground, the Monashee loop is bursting with adventure. Rock climb, hang glide hike, or mountain bike through majestic mountains.

Great inspiration we hope!  Call us on 01372 372123

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